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After his initial run in Space Adventures from March 1960 to October 1961, Captain Atom was MIA.  He resurfaced four years later in October 1965.  But it was not entirely new adventures we got.  Strange Suspense Stories (Charlton Comics) reprinted stories from Space Adventures.

Strange Suspense Stories #75 (June 1965)

“Introducing Captain Atom”

“Planet X”

“The 2nd Man in Space”

Strange Suspense Stories #76 (August 1965)

“The Wreck of X-44”

“The Little Wanderer”

“Test-Pilot’s Nightmare”

“A Victory for Venus”

Strange Suspense Stories #77 (October 1965)

“The Silver Lady from Venus”

“An Ageless Weapon”

“The Boy and the Stars”

“The Space Prowlers”


With the next issue of Strange Suspense Stories, the comic was retitled Captain Atom and featured all-new stories.  This “universe” was absorbed into DC Comics’ Multiverse when the Charlton characters were purchased by DC.  This universe became Earth-4.