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Hey Captain Atom fans.  I’m doing something a little different this month.  May 2013 will be Firestorm Appreciation Month on the Splitting Atoms blog.  Why Firestorm?  A couple of reasons.

1)  Firestorm has appeared alongside Captain Atom so frequently over the years that I included him on the “Supporting Cast” page.  Often when DC Comics would do their big crossover events featuring tons of heroes thrown together, Captain Atom and Firestorm were side-by-side (see The New Teen Titans #13, Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, Last Days of the Justice Society Special #1, Action Comics #596, Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #69, etc).  It made sense, as they were the DC Universe’s two biggest nuclear-powered heroes.  When Captain Atom first showed up on the DC scene in his own series, he and Firestorm butted heads pretty early on.

2)  Much to my chagrin, the current Firestorm series has been cancelled, with the final issue coming out on May 22, 2013.  It is particularly tragic (for me at least) because when Dan Jurgens took over the title with issue #13, the book quickly became one of my favorites.  I honestly feel it is one of the best books DC Comics has out right now.  I really wish they’d given Dan more time to turn the book around, but if the sales aren’t there they just aren’t there.  We’ve weathered Firestorm cancellations in the past, and I am confident we haven’t seen the last of our resident hot-head.

One of the podcasts I listen to regularly is The Fire and Water Podcast.  It is a show devoted to Aquaman and Firestorm (an odd pairing but it works) hosted by The Irredeemable Shag (who runs a Firestorm blog), and Rob Kelly (who runs an Aquaman blog).  Shag has asked all match-heads to use the below image as their social media avatar (twitter, tumblr, facebook, whatever) on May 22, 2013.  It sums up how I – and many others – feel about the cancellation of this title.

The drawing was done by Luke Daab.

Now, this is still a Captain Atom blog.  Each of the Firestorm comics I’ll be going over this month will feature Cap either fighting with (or just fighting) Firestorm.  It will be a celebration of The Nuclear Man and I hope you all enjoy it.