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(You’ve been warned)

“Chapter Thirty-Two”

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Jheremy Raapack
  • Colors: David Lopez & Santi Casas of Ikari Studio
  • Letters: Wes Abbott
  • Cover: Mico Suayan, David Lopez & Santi Casas of Ikari Studio

I certainly hope you weren’t too attached to the Injustice Captain Atom.  He went all Kingdom Come in this issue.  But he went down swinging.

Picking up where Injustice: Gods Among Us #31 left off, Batman’s crew is leaving the Fortress of Solitude when Superman comes home and throttles Captain Atom.  The Kents assure him they’re okay and to let Cap go.  But Cap is far too pissed himself to just let this go.

Captain Atom proceeds to lecture Superman while simultaneously kicking the Kryptonian’s ass.

The battle shakes the walls of the fortress and as a result Green Arrow ends up trapped inside with the Kents.  Black Canary can’t free them with her sonic scream because it may cause more damage.  Batman assures Arrow that they will come back for him.  Meanwhile, Captain Atom continues to school Superman.

Cap is telling the bleeding man of steel that, orders or not, he’s going to take Superman down.  Then Wonder Woman steps in and puts a magic sword to Cap’s throat that punctures Cap’s shell.  Which is not good news for anyone.

Captain Atom’s shell (not specified if it is an alien alloy in this reality) keeps all his nuclear stuff inside.  As in Kingdom Come, if the shell is ruptured, Cap goes critical and takes the surrounding area down with him.

Captain Atom realizes he’s doomed and decides to take Superman with him.  He drags Supes up into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  Wonder Woman follows.

Superman blasts Cap with his heat vision just as Atom goes critical.

Captain Atom appears to be dead.  Wonder Woman is most likely injured but alive.  Superman is most likely alive as well.  I think we may find in future issues that Cap’s death was in vain.  As in The Dark Knight Returns, this whole mess is going to have to come down to Batman versus Superman.  Nightwing and Captain Atom are just collateral damage.

It is sad to see Captain Atom die again, but his departure from this series was much more satisfying than the New 52 Cap’s departure from the DC Universe (and time will tell on that one; he might resurface).  Again, Tom Taylor has told an engaging tale and Jheremy Raapack has backed it up with superb artwork.  I’m giving this issue an A+.  Well done, folks.