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  • Writers:  Jeff King & Scott Lobdell
  • Pencils:  Carlo Pagulayan
  • Inks:  Jason Paz
  • Colors:  John Starr & Peter Steigerwald
  • Letters:  Travis Lanham
  • Cover Artists:  Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Peter Steigerwald

As this is an ongoing title, I’m not going to spoil it here just yet.  I’ll just say it is a huge endeavor and it will have repercussions felt throughout the DC multiverse.  Multiple versions of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc. will appear as will characters from little-seen-or-heard-from-Earths.  Like Earth-4 (the “Charlton” Earth).  It is kind of like this generation’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Captain Atom (the Bronze Age Charlton Cap, that is) will be featured and has a cameo in issue #1 (see below) along with the Question and Blue Beetle (all Ditko creations).  I’m not reviewing the series at this time but will say that so far I’m pretty pleased.