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This one is just beautiful, and really was bound to happen (Cap and Captain Marvel use the same “font” in their logos).  A digital artist from the UK, Adam describes his digital art thusly: “I tend to draw a fair bit of fanart depending on my mood. At the moment my gallery has been somewhat dominated by Powergirl. I also draw other DC/Marvel/2000AD comic related images, anime or computer game fanart, my own original fantasy and sci-fi characters, and the occasional Transformer and Warhammer 40’000 image.”

This image has a story attached:

“Nathaniel Adam cursed his luck at being hurled across dimensions again, only to bump into a large green man who decided to start hammering him into the ground, matters got worse when a hammer wielding buffoon joined in. The pair were incredibly strong, but not the brightest of fighters, and with barely any provocation on his part they handily started fighting each other. This gave Nathaniel his chance to leave, which might allow him to try and find his bearings.

“When a flying woman suddenly confronted him, and instead of attacking introduced herself, a sudden sense of hope struck him that there was at least one sane superhuman native to this world…

“Carol Danvers moved promptly when the news of the Hulk was engaged in a brawl with, according to reports, the Silver Surfer. The Surfers presence on Earth always meant something was up, and when it was then reported that Thor had entered the fray she couldn’t help but sigh.

“As she approached the area she noted that the energy she was sensing didn’t correspond to the ‘power cosmic’ of the Surfer. The energy was unique to her senses, and it was moving away from the inevitable brawl between Thor and the Hulk that was now occurring thankfully away from anywhere populated. Leaving Thor and Hulk to their own devices she moved to intercept the mystery individual, to see a silver skinned man bearing a chest symbol not dissimilar to her own. Could the man be a member of the Kree?

“She opted for diplomacy, there was something about him that made her think it was worth a shot, and so she introduced herself…

“(Two underrated powerhouses of their respective Earths. Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel of MARVEL comics and Nathaniel Adam/Captain Atom of DC Comics. I admit this started as a Power Girl/Captain atom picture, but then i had the idea of having Ms Marvel instead.)”

You can find Adamantis on deviantart.com, where he’s posted a lot more Captain Atom images among other beautiful pieces.