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I recently posted one of adamantis’ pieces here on this blog.  It was a Captain Aom/Captain Marvel team-up of sorts.  Upon exploring his deviantart page, I found a whole slew of great Captain Atom pieces.  This guy really has a great eye and imagination.  Honestly, I’d be pleased if he was tapped to be the artist on a new Captain Atom series (if that were ever a thing).  If you haven’t already, you should really check out his art.

Convergence – Power Couples

Filling In – Power Girl and Captain Atom (as Wonder Woman and Superman)

Power Girl and Captain Atom – Another Time

Threes a Crowd – Power Girl, Captain Atom, and Maxima

Power Girl and some other people…

Captain Atom and Power Girl – Don’t I Know You?

Justice League International – Celebration

Clearly, Adamantis loves the Captain Atom/Power Girl couple.  There’s so much more than this on his page. You’ve got to see it!

This last one is my absolute favorite: