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“What Could Have Been, What Still Can Be, and What Is”

  • Writer: Gene Luen Yang
  • Pencils & Inks: Howard Porter, Ardian Syaf, Patrick Zircher, Jon Bogdanove
  • Colors: Hi-Fi Design
  • Cover Artists: Dave Johnson, Dave McCaig, Kaare Andrews, Danny Miki, Arif Prianto, and John Romita, Jr.
  • Letters: Rob Leigh
  • Editors: Andrew Marino & Eddie Berganza
  • Executive Editor: Bobbie Chase

The New 52 Captain Atom (sporting pants) has a brief cameo in this issue of Superman. Vandal Savage and Superman are visiting a simulated possible future in which Earth is under Savage’s rule, with Superman as his general. Earth is under attack by the Dominators, but a group of heroes and villains led by Superman quickly ends the invasion.

It is fine as far as cameos go, but I have to wonder why they gave him pants. He never needed pants before. Also, I’m sad to say I don’t know who some of these characters are. Is that Killer Croc and Gorilla Grodd? And Rita Farr, the Elasti-Girl of the Doom Patrol?




superman.v3.50.04It has been one year since the New 52 Captain Atom was last seen.

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