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Okay. So, yeah, this is a Captain Atom blog. Really it is. But of late there’s been a lot of Booster Gold, too. And I really am working on a new site dedicated to the podcast and revert Splitting Atoms back to being just about Captain Atom. But I haven’t finished the new site yet. I’m asking you, faithful Captain Atom fan,  to indulge me one more time as I unveil yet another podcast on this site. This time you can blame my best buddy Roy, as DC v Marvel is his baby.

The premise is simple. Roy pits a randomly selected DC character against a randomly selected Marvel character and tries to determine who would win if they fought. Simple concept and lots of fun. After this initial episode, there will be a rotating cast of guests joining us. The episodes are short and fun and I think you’re going to like the show.

Please give the first episode a try, and I promise you I’ll get all this podcast content on a new site and refocus this one on Captain Atom.

Split – The Roy Clark Method
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Direct  Link.

Also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

*Special thanks to Marcus Cleary.*