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In this throwback Thursday episode, we reach back just four years to our first podcast. FKAjason, Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary – along with guests Marcus Cleary and Rebecca Ledford – list our top five superheroes. Updated with additional commentary by FKAjason. Listen to us list and discuss our fifteen favorite super-heroes.

Heart of Gold – The Roy Clark Method
I Wanna Live in a World Full of Heroes – Kirby Krackle
Batman (1966) Theme – Composed by Neal Hefti, featuring the Ron Hicklin Singers)

Starman Theme – Composed by Jack Nitzsche
The Lonely Man Theme – Composed by Joe Harnell
I Am the Law – Anthrax
Richie Rich Theme Song (1980) – Artist(s) Unknown

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*Special Thanks to John Broome, Gerry Conway, Steve Ditko, Arnold Drake, Will Eisner, Carlos Ezquerra, Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Joe Gill, Archie Goodwin, Alfred Harvey, Carmine Infantino, Geof Isherwood, Dan Jurgens, Bob Kane, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Warren Kremer, Harry Lampert, Stan Lee, Chuck Lorre, Tom Lyle, Martin Lodell, Al Milgrom, Bill Prady, Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Roger Stern, John Wagner, Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski, and Dave Wood*