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Splitting Atoms is a Captain Atom blog. At least that was my intention when I started it in January 2013. Since Roy and I started our Booster Gold/Captain Atom podcast Silver and Gold, this has also been the home of that podcast.  As of today, this website will revert back to being simply a Captain Atom blog and the podcast (along with its spin-off shows) will have a new home at www.sngpod.com!

Visit that site now and bookmark it. There you will find all of our episodes of Silver & Gold, DC v Marvel, and any other future podcast endeavors.

What this means for Splitting Atoms is that we’ll no longer be posting our podcast content here. This will just be here for Captain Atom blog posts. Like it was when it started. This was always our intention, it just took me a bit to get it all organized.

Again, Captain Atom fans, nothing changes for you. Silver & Gold Podcast fans, your new home is www.sngpod.com.