Cameo Appearances

*Note: This page is a work in progress.*

Ghost Manor #21 (November 1974)
ghost manor #21
In the story “Death in a Darkroom,” a photographer is shooting a parade. Captain Atom is in the parade (we see his back as he flies away).

banner3The New Teen Titans (Vol. 2) #13 (October 1985)

teen.titans.13This is a Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.  In one panel we see Captain Atom fighting alongside Firestorm and Nightwing.

banner3History of the DC Universe Book Two (November 1986)

history.dcu.01This came out post-Crisis on Infinite Earths but prior to DC’s Captain Atom series.  Although it features the silver age costume, the brief bio is that of the modern age Cap.

banner3Last Days of the Justice Society Special #1 (April 1986)

Captain Atom’s head appears on a splash page referencing Crisis on Infinite Earths along with Nightshade, The Question, and Blue Beetle (other Charlton characters).


banner3Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #64 (October 1987)
In the previous issue of Firestorm, Captain Atom and Firestorm had a slugfest in New York City.  Captain Atom appears briefly on the first page of this issue.

Justice League International #7 (November 1987)

Captain Atom appears on a computer monitor in two panels and then on the last page when the new team is revealed.


Teen Titans Spotlight #18, Action Comics #596, Blue Beetle #20, and Secret Origins #22 (January 1988)


Teen Titans Spotlight #18


Action Comics #596

Captain Atom appears in these Millennium crossovers.  He’s in the background in a panel in Teen Titans Spotlight #18 while Aquaman and Aqualad are discussing the events of Millennium #1, as well as in the background in one panel of Action Comics #596.  He has a slightly meatier role in Blue Beetle #20, but it is still just one page.  In Secret Origins #22 (Origin of the Manhunters), Cap gets one panel.

Blue Beetle #20

Secret Origins #22


Superman #14 & Wonder Woman #13 (February 1988)

Superman #14

Wonder Woman #13

More Millennium tie-ins.  He certainly got around back then.  He’s featured here with Firestorm in both panels.


Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #69 (March 1988)

Captain Atom shows up on the first page in another Millennium tie-in.

banner3Blue Beetle #22 (March 1988)

Although it isn’t a direct tie-in to Millennium, there is a brief scene where the Justice League is discussing the events of the crossover.  Cap is just sitting there with nothing to say.

banner3Martian Manhunter #1 (May 1988)

What is Batman’s problem with Captain Atom?

banner3Secret Origins #28 (July 1988)

Captain Atom turns up in Nightshade’s origin story.

banner3Animal Man #1 (September 1988)

Captain Atom appears in a Rolling Stone article about Justice League International that Buddy (Animal Man) is reading.

banner3Adventures of Superman #444 (September 1988)

Lex Luthor, Pete Ross, and Supergirl from an alternate dimension mention the other super-heroes of Earth and the Bronze Age Captain Atom appears.


Superman #26 (December 1988)

Captain Atom is in Metropolis looking for Superman and bumps into the Guardian in this Invasion! tie-in.

banner3Adventures of Superman #449 (December 1988)

Captain Atom enlists the help of Superman in this Invasion! tie-in.


Blasters Special #1 (March 1989)

I couldn’t find or make a clean scan of Cap for this image.  He appears right on the fold.


The New Titans Annual #5 (1989)

During a phone conversation between Nightwing and Clark Kent, we see Captain Atom and the JLE.

banner3Hawk & Dove #1 (June 1989)

Hawk is describing his role in Invasion! and Captain Atom is featured.

banner3Flash #29 (August 1989)

Captain Atom shows up in Wally West’s dream.

banner3Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #91 (November 1989)

In a storyline involving the Elementals (Firestorm, Swamp Thing, Naiad, Red Tornado, etc.), Captain Atom gets a whole page.
banner3Adventures of Superman #463 (February 1990)

Justice League Europe and Captain Atom are watching the Flash and Superman race on one of their monitors.

banner3Wonder Woman #49 (December 1990)

Captain Atom appears as a “talking head.”


L.E.G.I.O.N. Annual #2 (July 1991)

Cap shows up in this Armageddon 2001 crossover.


Flash Annual #4 (July 1991)

Cap appears in a panel referencing Armageddon 2001.


Justice League Quarterly #4 (Autumn 1991)

The JLE draws straws to see who will bathe Power Girl’s cat.  Presumably one of these men is Nathaniel Adam but it isn’t clear whom.

banner3Flash #74 (March 1993) & Flash #76 (May 1993)

The Modern Age Captain Atom appears in these scenes that flashback to Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it should be the Bronze Age Captain Atom.

banner3Guy Gardner: Warrior #29 (March 1995)

Cap shows up for the opening of Warriors and Guy lets him know he isn’t welcome.


The Lobo Gallery: Portraits of a Bastich (September 1995)

Lobo made a mess of Guy Gardner’s bar.

banner3Kingdom Come Preview (1996)

Released prior to Kingdom Come, this preview includes concept art for the Earth-22 Captain Atom.

banner3Kingdom Come #1 (May 1996)

The Parasite ripping open Captain Atom ends up laying waste to Kansas.

banner3Martian Manhunter Special #1 (May 1996)

This comic features a beautiful pin-up of Cap by Marc Campos.

banner3Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #7 (Winter 1997)

Maxima recalls her past failures with men.

banner3Lobo #50 (April 1998)

Nobody really likes Lobo…

banner3Green Lantern #106 (October 1998)

Captain Atom in a panel referencing Zero Hour.

banner3Superman #142 (February 1999)

Featured here in a “talking head” cameo, Captain Atom is also on the cover.

banner3The Kingdom #2 (February 1999)

Captain Atom is being tortured by Magog, who also has Clark and Diana’s baby.  Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman rescue Cap and the baby with the help of their future counterparts.

banner3JLA #27 (March 1999)

Captain Atom (and others) are called in to help defeat Amazo.

banner3The Flash #150 (July 1999)

The Bronze Age Captain Atom is seen here as the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths are once again revisited.


JLA #39 (March 2000) and JLA #40 (April 2000)

Captain Atom pitches in (back in his “original” Modern Age costume) but proves to be utterly useless.


Superman: Our Worlds at War Secret Files #1 (August 2001)

Can’t talk about war in the DCU without dropping Cap’s name.


Green Lantern #152 (September 2002)

Captain Atom appears in this telling of the life of Brainwave, Jr.

banner3The Ultimate Guide to the Justice League of America (October 2002)

banner3JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice (December 2002)

Captain Atom is quantum-bumped into the future at the Rock of Eternity.

banner3Green Lantern: Rebirth #3 (February 2005)

Captain Atom appears in a brief mention of Zero Hour.

banner3Battle for Blüdhaven #2 (June 2006)

“Disguising themselves as military personnel, the Atomic Knights have uncovered a secret SHADE installation that is the source of the city’s radiation.  Inside the compound, they discover and even stranger sight: a group of people genetically altered by the Chemo bomb, strapped into a machine powered by the government hero Captain Atom…”

banner3Battle for Blüdhaven #3 (July 2006)

Captain Atom is still knocked out, still leaking radiation, and still being used.

banner3Battle for Blüdhaven #4 (July 2006)

The Atomic Knights rescue Captain Atom.

banner3Battle for Blüdhaven #5 (August 2006)

A containment suit is being readied for Captain Atom…

banner3Mystery in Space #1 (November 2006)

The Weird remembers his past.


Supergirl & the Legion of Super-Heroes #29 (June 2007)

A bitter Dominator relives the failure of the Invasion.

Teen Titans Go! #45 (September 2007)
Cap appears in a panel when Beast Boy is talking about joining the Justice League.


Booster Gold #1 (October 2007)

Cameo by Captain Atom and Firestorm.


Wonder Woman (vol 3) Annual #1 (November 2007)

They’re talking about Sarge Steel and all his old Charlton Buddies show up for one panel.

Justice Society of America #10 (December 2007)

A strange visitor from another world calls on the JSA.  When describing his own world, we see the Earth-22 Captain Atom.


Justice Society of America #20 (December 2008)

In a splash page where Starman is describing the multiverse, the silver age Captain Atom appears with the Question and Blue Beetle.


Justice League of America #43 (May 2010)

jla43Once again, the silver age Captain Atom in the yellow costume is depicted on a splash page discussing the multiverse.  He is again featured with Blue Beetle, but also Peacemaker and Judo Master.

Justice League of America #47 (September 2010)



Secret Six #36 (October 2011)

These two panels are the final appearance of the Modern Age Captain Atom until the 2015 Convergence series.  It had been twenty years since he had his own title.


DC Comics: The New 52 #1 (2011)
In this preview page for the upcoming New 52 titles, Captain Atom shares a page with Firestorm.

banner3Justice League International #1 (November 2011)

The New 52 Captain Atom appears on the first page even though he was never a member of any branch of the Justice League in this incarnation.

banner3The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #14 (January 2013)

Captain Atom briefly shows up at the end of this issue, setting up The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #15.

banner3Injustice: Gods Among Us #23 (digital) (June 2013)

Hanging out in the Batcave with his pals.


Justice League of America #5 (August 2013)

When Amanda Waller threatens to shake up the JLA roster, one of her go-to guys is Captain Atom (who is MIA in the DCU at this time).


Convergence: Green Lantern Parallax #1 (June 2015)

The Modern Age Captain Atom turns up again in Kyle Rayner’s memories of a Hal Jordan gone bad.


Convergence #4 (June 2015)

Monarch has a brief cameo. Whether this is Nathaniel Adam or Hank Hall is not clear.


Captain Atom and all related characters are ©DC Comics, Inc.


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