1991 – War of the Gods

1991 – War of the Gods

This 1991 mini-series/crossover event Primarily centered on the character Wonder Woman.  The storyline was intended to celebrate the character’s 50th anniversary. It was written and drawn by George Pérez.  In this series, ancient gods suddenly begin trying to destroy the Earth and each other. While the ancient Roman gods wage war with the Olympian gods, the Egyptian, African, Norse, Babylonian and Thanagarian gods each want to recreate the world in their own images, and attack the super-heroes who stand in their way. Unknown to them, it is in fact the sorceress Circe who has led each of them to wage war on each other, so she can destroy the Earth goddess Gaea.

War of the Gods #1

War of the Gods #2


Captain Atom and all related characters are ©DC Comics, Inc.


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