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“Time Bomb”
  • Writer:  Jeff King
  • Pencils:  Stephen Segovia
  • Inks:  Jason Paz
  • Colors:  Peter Steigerwald
  • Letters:  Travis Lanham
  • Cover Artists:  Stephen Segovia, Peter Steigerwald, Ivan Reis

I’m still not reviewing this ongoing series (although I am reviewing the individual tie-in issues that feature versions of Captain Atom).  I’m not digging it as much as I was at first, but it is still pretty good.  This particular issue seemed a little too “hero-versus-hero” (although the same could be said for the entire series) but had at least one amazing (and kind of sad) moment.  You’ll have to read it (and if you already have, I’m sure you know the moment I’m referring to).  I was surprised by this particular cameo (although, I really shouldn’t have been – DC is dusting off a lot of characters for this one):

Yes, that is Monarch popping up again in the DCU.  But which Monarch is it?  One Monarch is Hank Hall (Hawk), but the most-used Monarch is a version of Nathaniel Adam that I really haven’t tackled much on this blog yet.  Honestly, he gives me a headache.  But he is Nathaniel Adam and is as much a version of Captain Atom as the Legion Lost character “Captain Adym.”  So there you have it.  A quick Monarch cameo in Convergence.  Hank Hall or Nathaniel Adam? Not sure.  But Monarch will forever be a part of Captain Atom.

(All characters and images belong to DC Comics and I am not making any profit off these characters or images.)