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This version of Captain Atom sprung from the pages of the New 52’s Legion Lost series. How he fits in with the New 52 Captain Atom is a bit strange. When we first meet him, he’s a captain in the science police stationed on the planet Zuun in the early 31st century. He displays no discernable powees. His partner calls him “Nate,” and he has an interest in the burgeoning “career” of the super-hero known as Timber Wolf.

The next time we see Nate Adym, it is much later in his career and he now has an ominous scar over his right eye. He is in charge of a branch of the science police called Echo, and has installed spies with the Legion of Super Heroes. After he finds Wildfire’s 1,000-year-old mask and Tyroc’s mysterious grave, he travels back to “present day” to make contact with the Legion Lost.

Joining the Legionaries in combat, he calls for backup while blasting baddies with his cool wrist lasers. However, one of his opponents seems to know a little too much about him.

In order to stop the world killer that is threatening the planet, Adym hatches a scheme to use his time bubble to detonate a singularity bomb. As it will result in countless deaths, the Legion opposes.

Harvest helps Adym return to his time bubble and gives him a null field that will shield him from the singularity. The bubble is damaged, however, and he cannot return to the 31st century. He can only go into the past. It is the last we see of Nathaniel Adym except for a curious epilogue…

In The Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Man #15, the New 52 Captain Atom crashed into Firestorm, which apparently (temporarily) killed Cap. His consciousness was split across time and space and part of him was dumped in Metropolis in the 31st century. Already sporting the scar he obtained later in his life, he identifies himself as “Adym.” A real head-scratcher that was never adequately explained. Given the retconning of the whole New 52 line, it is unlikely to ever be fully explained.