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It was just yesterday that I said we  might not see Captain Atom again in the DCU. As soon as that post went up, fellow Captain Atom fan Anthony Saavedra pointed out that the New 52 Cap appears in the Justice League United online sneak peak!  Below is the one image of Cap that we got:

This does not necessarily mean he is rejoining the Justice League.  Captain Carrot is on this page too, and I can’t imagine they’d add him to the roster. And that’s Bizarro right above Captain Carrot, and I seriously doubt he’s going to be a team player.

As Shag pointed out on Firestormfan.com, Firestorm also appears in this sneak peak but it is also unclear if he’s a regular.  Could we have an Extreme Justice reunion on our hands?  Do we want one?

I’m just happy to see he’s still out there and DC hasn’t forgotten him.

This JLU sneak peak was written by Jeff Parker with art by Travel Foreman.  Jeromy Cox was the colorist and letters were by Travis Lanham.

(All characters and images belong to DC Comics and I am not making any profit off this blog.)